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For a while now, I’ve been looking to expand the SRPD team. I thought long and hard about which parts of my business could be outsourced (like my taxes!) and which I needed direct control over in order to provide seamless service to my newborn and baby photography clientele. What really struck me is that I should look for how to best serve my client. Where was I failing them? What services could I provide to lessen their burden or ease the process from scheduling to picking up portraits? And so, I began to poll recent clients asking what they’d like to see for Stephanie Robin, what was the hardest or most intensive part about the experience for them and how I could help to ease that burden. Without a doubt the most resounding answers had to do with ordering and displaying imagery. Many simply had no idea what to order and although provided with online resources of product offerings, either didn’t have the time or simply felt too overwhelmed or tired to really decipher what to order. Many felt they had opted into our packages without fully understanding what it is they were purchasing. Others found they simply couldn’t find the time to sit down undisturbed or at times other than late at night to peruse their galleries properly. This was the one consistent area of weakness noted and it simply wouldn’t do!

As a busy mom myself, I know how difficult it can be to find time in the day just to put in the laundry! Where would I find the time to sit and peruse a gallery of multiple images I love, par these down to favorites and select the products that would best showcase my favorite images of my family and children while meeting my needs at the same time? Never mind figuring out pricing and where my best savings would lie. How fantastic would it be to have access to someone that could save me time by leading me through this process? And so, I spent the next few months refining the ordering process, ordering studio samples our clients could view and touch (some of which are on their way to the studio as I type) and selecting the EXACT right person to lead my clients through the process.

Enter Ashley. Ashley has been a reliant confidant and friend over the past year of my life. She has helped me pass through some difficult moments and decisions, analyze what is best for me, my esteem and my business and focus on what needs doing rather than what I wish had been done differently. She is proactive, positive, inspiring and a problem solver at heart. Ashley is constantly moving forward on a path of goals and continues to help me in setting my own and building steps to see them to completion. On rare occasions where I find myself dolling out good or productive advice to friends or family, she is always at the back of my mind as I think “Oh man! That was so Ashley! She’d be so proud of me.” lol.

I am without a doubt completely confident in Ashley’s ability to relate to my clients and help them to problem solve their decisions surrounding purchase of their prints and products. She will be the first contact after your session, ready to set up your viewing appointment and meet with you to discuss your needs, wants and budget. More than this, she will become your friend as you sit with her, sip your tea and eat a cupcake or two while viewing your beautiful imagery.

And so, without further ado. A completely candid interview with the newest member of the SRPD team: Ashley.

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Ashley – Stephanie Robin Photography Associate

Tell me something surprising about yourself  

I’m an ironman. That, and I desperately want to learn to surf and climb.

Name one thing you couldn’t live without

My dog – Kep – and being outside – and a sense of adventure – discovering new things, achieving next goals, having a plan, being grounded… oops that’s 3+ things 🙂

Mr. Kep

What’s your favourite childhood memory?

dancing – ballet lessons, climbing trees with my best buddy Leah, playing in the ravine behind my house, swimming- in lakes, pools, at the beach.

If you could live in any time period, which would you choose and why?

Now. It’s what I know. There’s something to living in the moment.

Tell me about your favorite photographs

I can think of three…

Ry and my kiss on New Years this year- we were at a friend’s place in Banff and had just finished talking about what we were most looking forward to in 2013. He said watching his nephews grow and learn, watching his business develop and seeing our relationship mature. He was so candid and committed. I felt so in love and connected to all of those things. I commented on how 2011 had been a really tough go and 2012 had been my first emotionally regulated year- where I’d learned to use new skills to keep optimistic and calm. And how lucky I was to have his support through all my changes. We were in the Kitchen – he grabbed my face and kissed me. It looks like love.

My Muskoka ironman 70.3 finishers photo — I would say my full Ironman Finishers pic — but I look way hotter in the 70.3 one and I love Muskoka!

All the images on my vision board- but the one that comes to mind is an illustration of a tree that reads “Dig deep, reach high tree”

Where are they now?

The kiss is my Facebook profile pic, my desktop screen, my iphone background.

This is sad– I never bought the ironman pictures. They are in the storage of the company who took them. I was entirely broke post the events and hadn’t worked in 6 months but I will buy them and have a story board created of my medal, bib and photo.

My vision board is on my wall. I look at it every day. I would tattoo it onto me.

I also have a box of old photos and albums from early childhood and even earlier – my dad when he was little, my parents when they were young– all the way up to my university years. I love sharing that box with others, going through them, remembering the past. (I love doing this with others too– I make Ry go through his pics with me all the time)

How do you define family?

A team working together to make life better.

What are you most looking forward to in your new role with Stephanie Robin?

Assisting/helping new moms and their families make life long choices in archiving their children’s first years. Seeing parents’ emotional reactions when first viewing their images. Working with a professional, accomplished and developing photographer and business woman. Watching and assisting with the development, challenges, growth and continued success of a business I believe in.


Thanks Ashley! I loved reading through your answers and getting a peek inside your mind!

And lastly, a little surprise. After reading through your answers and sensing your regret over not having purchased images of a moment that I know has been so defining and affirming for you I think I know just how much a finished product displaying your images, medals and bib would mean. So… I purchased your files. Next up, helping you put together and ordering that storyboard for your space!

Ashley – Muskoka 2011 Ironman 70.3

Who looks this good right after an Ironman anyways?!

Starting in April, Ashley will be meeting with clients in our beautiful Burlington Ontario Commercial Studio space to view images in life sized, true to colour output, where she will also showcase our high end fine art prints and quality custom products while helping you to streamline your needs and wants from your maternity, newborn, baby or family sessions with Stephanie Robin Photography.


Stephanie Robin



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