Newborn Safety Awareness Week | Newborn Posing

I am so thrilled to be part of what we hope to be an industry wide movement: Newborn Safety Awareness Week November 7th – 11th 2011.
I’ve teamed up with the folks over at Learn Shoot Inspire to help bring awareness to the important issue of Newborn Safety for Photographers.

With the rise in popularity of DSLRs, the field of newborn photography has seen an explosion of photographers in the last few years. Indeed newborn portraiture itself has recently become quite popular! Now, more than ever, parents are interested and willing to have their days old infants photographed. They show up ready and willing to do what it takes to capture sweet memories of their little bundles propped into position or hanging from apparatus, trusting their photographers are skilled and knowledgeable in their fields of specialization. After all, they’re members of this or that professional community. Certainly they must know the ins and outs. Unfortunately, it takes but a quick google search to find multitudes of tutorials preaching posing practices that are both unsafe and unnecessary.

Enter Newborn Safety Week! Join with us to promote safe practices for all newborn photographers. For the week of November the 7th to 11th, you can follow along at the Learn Shoot Inspire blog, on Facebook and on many photographers’ personal blogs as we demystify the art of newborn posing. Certainly we will not be divulging in thorough detail how to achieve every pose but we will be bringing light to the idea of composite images, tricks of the eye, editing tips and just sound practices you (or your photographer) may not yet be aware of. The main goal is to make sure babies stay safe.

If you are a photographer, join with us and share your before and afters, tips and tricks on facebook, in your associations and in your online forums. One baby’s life is worth the effort. Let’s bring light to this issue before a single baby is hurt. Because one would be too many in my books.

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