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Why Natural Baby Products?

As with all baby products, there’s an abundance of information out there on what to choose for baby’s skincare. You may feel overwhelmed by the choices and certainly those choices are your own to make; however I believe the best choices are informed ones and, in that vein, I thought it pertinent to update the blog regarding our studio choices for baby’s skincare needs. At the Stephanie Robin Photography Studio, we cater to babies one and under which means you can find pretty much anything from diapers to wipes to a proper baby bath on hand. We’ve even set up a nursery area where you are free to nurse baby privately or change them at a our beautiful dressing table. What you won’t find in studio are chemically laden ointments, creams or powders.

Don’t get me wrong. I have used medicated ointments and creams when necessary, however for new babe’s fresh skin we prefer to offer you natural, hygenic, non-irritating products. In the wake of the recent Johnson and Johson recall for baby powder manufactured in 2007 (expiring in 2010) in which residues of carcinogenic substances were found in 15 batches, it seems a safer choice to simply opt for natural products instead. We are happy to let you know that we at Stephanie Robin offer the best of the Burt’s Bees Baby Collection to those visiting and want you to rest assured that we have your baby’s best interests in mind!I encourage you to visit their site, where you can purchase your product and ship directly to your home address.

Natural, luxurious and completely safe. Who doesn’t love that?

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